Oct 14th – Star Wars Night at the Hop, Asheville, NC

Any sane person would have stayed at home when the news was calling for flash floods and a tornado watch, but that didn’t stop 3 dedicated members of the Carolina Garrison from attending Star Wars Night at the Hop Ice Cream Cafe in Asheville, NC. We (literally) drove past downed trees and through flooded streets to make a grand appearance to our dedicated Star Wars fans but, alas, the people of Asheville made the smart decision and stayed at home safe and sound from the merciless weather.

Fortunately the night wasn’t a complete bust. We did manage to make a small group of kids happy and the 3 of us enjoyed some good conversation and, of course, some delicious ice cream.

Troopers Present:
Anthony Conte (TI-28803)
Sean Coughlin (TI-9014)
Michael Jarvis (SL-4409) as Jedi

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