Monster Con July 18-20, 2014 Greenville SC

July 18-20, 2014 Greenville SC

Monster Con was just what the name says “a Monster of a Convention”

3 days it was, and all 3 days the Carolina Garrison was there enforcing the Empire’s ways!!!

Were even had cookies if you joined the Darkside!!..

Plus ton of attendees had fun discovering the wonderful smell in the Trash compactor!!!

We had a collection jar for MIA Total for the 3 days: $68 27

The con is growing and will be a beast next year and years to come!!!!

Special thanks to the Mandos for helping with the Trash compactor setup/break down.

Thank you to the troopers that came out to do this 3 day event. All drove over an hour (some more) and also had hotels to make sure it happened because they cared to see upstate SC covered for events…

If you missed this you are in sad mode now….

501st approved costumes members:
1. Tom Gardner (Tusken)
2. Jerry Sienkiewicz (Darth Vader)
3. David Jordan (Biker Scout)
4, Mandy Jordan (Tie)
5. Ken Jordan (Biker Scout)
6. Dean Plantamura (TK)
7 Susan Mahaffey (Jawa)
8. Jane Willer (R Guard )

Nicole Snelling
Matt Medford

Also the First day we had the epic Brad Butler (Xwing Pilot / Blue Ridge trooping with us…

Now on to the Imperial fun!!!!!!!!DSC_0053_zpsa77058f1 DSC_0077_zps8cb23818 DSC_0131_zps30a1dfe7 DSC_0603_zps4fc4ee9a DSC_0615_zpsf12c8614 DSC_0634_zpsb852bf69 IMG_6560_zps534e85af IMG_6686_zps18b5e72f IMG_6911_zps8c13e5ac IMG_7055_zpsbc203ff1