June 6 – Star Wars Camp I Children’s Museum

While there was only 3 of us (and one was some Rebel Scum… Sorry Brad!), a great time was had at the Charleston Children’s Museum visiting with the kids at their Summer Camp.

My thanks to those who helped out and attended:
1. Jerry Sienkiewicz – Vader
2. Chris Gould – Biker Scout
3. Brad Butler – X-Wing Pilot (Luke)
4. Brian Sienkiewicz – Handler/Photographer

We got the chance to chat and take pictures with 2 separate groups of kids, as well as parade thru the museum with them all. It was a little warm, thanks largely to the humidity outside, but we had a great time trooping, and the kids loved every minute of our visit. We even got to see a few of them again later that evening at the Charleston Riverdogs Game that night!

Here are a couple images from the event. For all the pictures Brian took, please go to the photobucket link: http://s969.photobucket.com/user/Jerry_ … 20Camp%20I

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