July 28 – SW Fan Event @ Barnes & Noble Charlotte

Had a great time on Monday night hanging out for one of many nights of “Pop Culture” with the crew at the Barnes & Noble at Arboretum, in Charlotte, NC.

Many thanks to those that attended from the 501st & Rebel Legion:
1. Jerry Sienkiewicz – Vader
2. Al d’L – Navy trooper
3. Tom G – Tusken
4. Cher – TK
5. Ken Jordan – TB
6. Shane – Rebel Legion Jedi
7. Kim – Rebel Legion ANH Leia

We had a great time posing for pictures with the kids. Here area few shots:
All the pictures I’ve collected so far can be found here: http://s969.photobucket.com/user/Jerry_ … ght%202014
If anyone else has any pics from this event, please post a link for everyone to find and enjoy. :D 13914_617789258337231_557612527257835519_n_zps9acc54e8 936064_617789161670574_658103028252725268_n_zpsbaf84a9e 1900007_617789285003895_3465071360219536603_n_zps08dabe87 10410840_617788361670654_7557862412640451654_n_zpsb351138c 10443547_617787968337360_5769329314168137516_n_zps9a7144b6 10568799_10204704454955131_321329238295977641_n_zps30132d80