Town of Mount Pleasant Christmas Light Parade

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant, SC

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  1. Please add the following information to the main post. I do not see how I can do it.

    Parade Day Road Closure:


    Whilden St to Pherigo (Line-Up)

    West Coleman Blvd. – Whilden St. to Patriots Point Rd.
    Ravenel Bridge off -ramp onto Coleman Blvd.
    Patriots Point Rd. from Coleman Blvd. to Harry Hallman Blvd.
    Remember you can only enter the line up on Coleman Blvd by Pherigo. Please do not come up Simmons to try to turn into the lineup.

    Please take a minute to like and share the official Facebook events page ->

    Judges will award cash prizes in selected categories and parade-goers can vote for the People’s Choice award on Facebook, Instagram and X by using the hashtag #VotetheFloatMP and including their favorite float’s organization name.

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  2. Please add my son (Ryder) as a Shadow Scout. He is still a member of the Galactic Academy. Thanks.

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  3. If you are signed up as interested, please let us know if you are attending or not.

    Thanks you.

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  4. I’ll be there :bikerscout: with Mary as Jawa

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  5. for more information regarding the parade, please see below. I will be posting more information as it relates to the setup and breakdown locations.

    Attached is the lineup for the 28th Annual Mount Pleasant Christmas Light Parade on Sunday, Dec. 10th. Please let us know immediately if you decide not to participate.

    Please make sure all vehicles entering the parade area are in good working order. We want to encourage carpooling to limit the number of cars at the pick up area.

    As in years past, we cannot tell you exactly where each number will be on Coleman Blvd. The spacing between entries varies based on the size and type of each entry (let us know if you have made changes to your entry). Numbered stakes will be placed on Coleman Blvd. by 3:00 p.m. on parade day. You may have someone “scout” your location after this time if you need to communicate to participants where to find your entry. We have added reference points in the lineup document; please remember these are general locations to give you an idea which block you should be near, not exact locations. The start line is at Live Oak & Coleman Blvd. Entries #28 & #88 are near the intersection of Simmons & Coleman Blvd. (Large Walking Groups will stage at the Farmers Market & parking lots. When it is time to enter the parade, they will cross the intersection and proceed down the right side of Coleman Blvd (southbound). Please share with your float riders.

    You will check in with event staff at Pherigo upon arrival. You CANNOT enter the line-up at any other point than that check in location. We lineup on both sides of Coleman Blvd. If you are having people dropped off, they will NOT be allowed to drive into the line up to drop off anyone. You will be detoured onto Erckmann.

    Check in is at Vincent / Pherigo St.

    Entries 1-87 will line up on the right side of Coleman Blvd. All entries need to be single-file with the inside lane open for traffic. Have all your participants stay on the right side of the entry and out of the lane of traffic.

    Entries 1-9 LO-LU) Between Live Oak & Lucas St.
    Entries 10-27 (LU-SI) Between Lucas St & Simmons
    Entries 28-69 (SI-SH/OOP) Between Simmons & Shem Dr/Oops!
    Entries 70-87 (SH/OOPS-FLYBSKT) Shem Drive/Oops! & The Flying Biscuit
    Entries 88-120 will line up to the left of the median on Coleman Blvd. (enter left of the median at Pherigo with #88 being at Simmons on the corner by the Farmers Market.

    Entries 88-120 (A/B) SI-F) between Simmons and Fairmont on left side of road.

    All entries will need to be single-file with the inside lane open for traffic. Please have all your participants stay on the left side of the entry and out of the lane of traffic.
    When it is time to enter the parade, they will cross the intersection at Simmons and proceed down the right side of Coleman Blvd. (see attached).
    Lowcountry Wrangler Jeep Club Stage up in the circle drive in front on Moultrie Middle School and not on Coleman Blvd. You will file into parade after entry 95
    Santa and the Mount Pleasant Fire Department will follow the last entry.

    The lineup for 1-87 will begin promptly at 4:00 pm on Coleman Blvd. Entries 88-120 should arrive after 4:15 pm. All units must be checked in and IN PLACE no later than 5:15 p.m. (4:45 p.m. for large entries, such as trucks/trailers, etc.)


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    All entries must approach the lineup area from the north (Chuck Dawley/Ben Sawyer). Left turns onto Coleman from Pherigo are prohibited unless prior approval given.

    Please adhere to the following rules during the parade to make it safe and happy for everyone:

    A driver/coordinator must remain with the entry the entire time, from entry of the lineup until the end of the parade.
    Drivers may not text while driving.
    All entries must have sufficient lighted decorations and entry name visible on float. Event staff will put entry numbers on once in place.
    We want a slowly moving pace without large gaps, but good spacing so people can see your entry (approx. 2-3 car lengths).
    All entries with music:
    Do not start music until you cross the start line at Live Oak
    Turn music off at the intersection of Patriots Point Rd.
    Prepare for disembarking on Patriots Point Rd by gathering any supplies or items you will be removing from float or trailer when you get off the float at Memorial Waterfront Park.
    At the end of the parade, all walkers will go straight into Memorial Waterfront Park (between Ravenel Bridge on/off ramps) and all vehicles turn left onto Patriots Point Rd, then right onto Harry Hallman to the unload area at Memorial Waterfront Park. Obey Police Officers at all times.
    Everyone must unload quickly from boats, trailers, floats, etc. No one is allowed to ride outside of vehicles beyond Memorial Waterfront Park!
    No Santas except for the real guy that rides on the fire truck!
    The pre-parade meeting is attached for reference; please review it again and share the details with your participants! Failure to abide by the rules may result in removal from the parade and will disqualify you from future participation.


    REPLY to this email ASAP with the announcement you want read as your float/group passes the judges’ stage.

    Include company/organization name when replying.
    Please limit to 3 or 4 short sentences.
    If we do not receive an announcement by December 8th, “Seasons Greetings from (organization name)” will be announced.
    Include any additional special requests you have in this email.
    Please Note: The Town of Mount Pleasant does not allow any political content on floats/entries in its Christmas Light Parade. Failure to observe this or any of the rules outlined on your signed entry form will result in removal from the parade.

    We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season!

    Please like the 28th Annual Town of Mount Pleasant Christmas Light Parade Facebook Event for updates and follow the Mount Pleasant Police X feed for more info. *Please share! The number of “fake” events using our info has expanded and Facebook is not being helpful! Some pages have inaccurate info, so this is important!

    Tell your friends to vote for our People’s Choice Award by mentioning your organization’s name (we love pics too!) with the hashtag #VoteTheFloatMP on Twitter: @MtPleasantGov, Instagram: @ExperienceMP, and Facebook: @MountPleasantRec.

    Coleman Boulevard Road Closure Schedule:

    4:00 p.m. (lineup)
    Whilden St. to Pherigo St. Detour at Erckmann
    5:00 p.m. (parade route)
    Whilden St. to Patriots Point Rd.
    Ravenel Bridge off-ramp onto Coleman Blvd. (all traffic diverted to Highway 17)
    Patriots Point Rd. from Coleman Blvd. to Harry Hallman Blvd. (all Patriots Point and hotel/golf course traffic will divert onto Harry Hallman)
    Coleman Blvd. will re-open as the end of the parade passes and pedestrian traffic/debris is cleared from the roadway, with the last area usually opening around 9:00 p.m.

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  6. Parade is canceled. Sorry everybody. Looks like weather is gonna be bad in a couple hours

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