Soda City Comic-Con

Registration Deadline: July 01, 2023
Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center
1101 Lincoln Street
Columbia, SC 29201

13 thoughts on “Soda City Comic-Con

  1. I will be on for Saturday with Darth Revan

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  2. I’ll be there for the Saturday troop
    RC-73256 : Republic Commando (EU) (Phase 1): Sev

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  3. Spoke with con owner yesterday. They are super excited to have the 501st returning. I will be walking the floor with him this week to scope out our area.
    I’m ordering a photo backdrop for fans to take photos. Also bringing the Legion Archives as decoration/education for the booth.
    Lastly, planning on a Garrison dinner next door in one of the Vista restaurants for anyone here on Saturday.
    Let’s see some hands for who’s going to be there!

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  4. I edited the event post in the Events Section, but the post disappeared along with the names of people I was updating to the roster.
    Apparently that section is for discussing anything except actual upcoming trooping events. Which I assume leaves us with this section.
    However, updates cannot be made as there is no ‘edit’ button. One can only add their name by being logged in to the forums and hitting ‘submit’ for themselves.
    So, I will not be able to add the names of troopers I know from outside the Garrison who will be there.
    Also, I tried to add my name (which isn’t listed) and the only options for me is “Handler”

    So I’ll be at this event. I have the photo backdrop, some AV running a sizzle reel of Legion coolness, and other goodies. Looking like we’re going to have at least three OG troopers for this event, which makes it even cooler. See you all there.

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  5. Working on attending on Sunday but will be last minute if I can pull it!

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  6. I’ll be there Saturday ANH TK! I’m excited, its the premiere for this armor, and my Proffie Blaster!!!!!!! :stormtrooper:

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  7. Okay folks, it’s coming down to game time! Here are some updates:
    * I’m off from work tomorrow and will be at the convention center to load-out and set up.
    * Dave Anderson from Florida Garrison (and one of my fellow original troopers) will be here all weekend working the table with me. If you haven’t met Dave, you’re in for a treat. He’s a great ambassador for the Legion.
    * I’m putting together the sizzle reel to play at the table. Lots of last minute work on that.
    * I’m looking for brochures and hand-outs for the table. Email me if you have something you recommend:
    * I have a stash of Vader’s Fist 25th anniversary coins (stained glass edition!) for everyone who comes out
    * If you have anything you want to bring for the table, again just hit me up by email.
    * Looking to do a Garrison dinner in the Vista (restaurant area right next to the con center) so let me know if you’d like to join.
    * I’m told we have some free passes. I don’t know how many. Text or email me if you want to put in some table time and we’ll get you hooked up. First come, first served. We can work out how to get the passes to you at the show.

    Very much looking forward to trooping with my home Garrison. Some of you I know, some I don’t – always great to meet new troopers!

    You got my number (above) so hit me up if you need anything.

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  8. Albin, I have some very expensive lightsabers I can bring to the table on Saturday, also some cheaper ones. I also have a 3D Printed E11, and my Kylo Bucket I could bring if you want. I don’t have any banners or anything like that.

    I will be in town tonight at a hotel nearby if you need help setting up tonight. Driving in from Wilmington, NC when I get off work around noon.

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  9. Just wanted to make sure someone was at the table watching the stuff if I bring it. Last time I was at this convention, I was alone….

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    1. We can take turns watching the table. O don’t plan on being in costume all day. My max is about 4-5hrs and I usually dress right around peak times.

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  10. Thanx!!!

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  11. Switching to attending on Sunday.
    My wife and fellow legion member Torrey will be coming with me most likely. Hopefully I can get her to suit up!
    Looking forward to meeting you Albin!

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  12. I only have the mission report for Saturday if anyone can mod/edit for Sunday! It was great trooping with all of you!

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