Pediatric Hospital Visit: Raleigh

Registration Deadline: April 19, 2024
3000 New Bern Ave
3000 New Bern Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27610

7 thoughts on “Pediatric Hospital Visit: Raleigh

  1. Looking into this. See if I will be able to get away from

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  2. NOTE: We will meet at 12 at the location specified in the parking instructions. Then we will be escorted to our changing room. We’ll change from 12-1 and visit patients from 1-2.

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  3. Happy to be on the waiting list as a TK – ANH Stunt

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  4. I need to verify I will not be traveling for work. If I am in NC, I will take the day or part of the day and help to put smiles on faces!!
    TS/DZ 62609

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  5. Looking forward to this event. If alright, I plan to bring a handler for me just to suit up. Fett requires much help getting set up. That person will NOT plan to escort me/us on the actual troop through the children’s Pediatric wing/rooms. They’ll just plan to help me suit up and undress once we’re finished. That work ok?

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    1. Since your Handler won’t be visiting the kids I think it would be ok. However, your Handler should not be needed. I can get dressed fairly quickly as a TIE Pilot, so I can help you. Also my wife is coming as a Handler and can help you get dressed as well. I’d hate for your Handler to sit in the dressing room for an hour during the Troop, when we can help you get dressed. :-)

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      1. Sounds great. Many thanks.

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