Ashville Maker Faire

16 Fernihurst Dr
16 Fernihurst Drive
Asheville, NC 28801

10 thoughts on “Ashville Maker Faire

  1. This is one for the Banana Brigade! Get your bananas ready!

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    1. What does this even mean? help

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      1. This is a con where blasters are not allowed and hubby started using a banana so we are trying to get everyone to make one as a prop for such occasions. We even have banana shirts. Lol

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        1. Oh… Well then, excuse me while I go 3D print a banana that can fit in my din djarin holster

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          1. Yes!!!!

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  2. Definitely interested in attending! Looks like ya’ll had fun last time! Putting myself as a maybe for now though since I don’t know what school will be like during that time

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    1. I don’t think i’ll be able to make it

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  3. Set-up is Friday, April 12 from 4-5pm. I will go check it out to verify the space. Two 6-foot tables (one for “in progress” works to show the maker side of things, and one for whatever else). We have a corner spot to accommodate any large backdrops for photos. We have a “green room” on the opposite side of the event space with private bathroom. They are providing lunch (sandwiches, chips, drinks, snacks) for all participants.

    Saturday set-up starts at 8am. Doors at 10am.

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  4. Blue Ridge Rebels attending are:


    Pam Penza

    Mike Cummins

    Meg Deveraux

    Laura Bunn

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  5. Hoping to make it tomorrow by 11am. Making unexpected adjustments to my kit.
    Hope set up went well today!

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