Miracle League of High Point Star Wars Day

Registration Deadline: May 01, 2024
Miracle League of High Point
2917 School Park Road
High Point, NC 27265

7 thoughts on “Miracle League of High Point Star Wars Day

  1. Hi there, We will take as many folks as we can get :) Location is completely accessible and I plan on buying you guys breakfast in return for the early morning call time.
    Jacob Troxler will be in costume and I will be in attendance and will act as POC and administration since I am the Miracle League Manager. Thanks for coming out! My players love folks who dress up.

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  2. I have a new person to be a handler
    Mike Mode
    I’ll introduce him when there

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  3. Hi, my wife (Tanna) will be coming as a handler as well.

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  4. Hi everyone! I am so blown away by all of your signing up for Miracle League this Saturday! On May the 4th no less! Wow, thank you so much. I run the Miracle League so let me just express how excited my players are at seeing you all. Here are some details. The field will be open at 7:30 (I’ll be there setting up a picture backdrop for us and other baseball related things so you can come whenever) Jacob Troxler will be there to receive you all and direct you to our only 501st only bathrooms near the concession stand that you all can change in. It may be cramped but that’s the best I can do. I’m also going to bring us coffee and breakfast (any dietary restrictions I don’t know about?)

    Our first game does start until 9am so feel free to show up between 8-9 depending on your change time. The address is 2917 School Park Rd, High Point, NC 27265. Look for the accessible field and playground. Our last game will end at 11:30 so we should have a lot of miracle players (kids with disabilities coming through as well as soccer players and families. They already know you are coming I announced it last week:) I’ll have a jar near the picture station for donations. All donations will go to the Miracle League, the free baseball program I run as my day job for people with disabilities. I am so pumped. I doubt I’ll be able to dress up as I also help run the games but please let me or my staff in purple baseball jerseys know if you need anything during the event. You aren’t mandated to stay by the picture backdrop, it’s a baseball field so feel free to mingle.

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  5. Any plans on if it rains that morning?

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  6. I have been watching the rain all morning… my staff and I chatted and we are going to have to cancel. The chance of rain is just to high and we don’t have inside accommodations since we are on a baseball field. Hopefully we can have you guys come out again later this year. Thanks!

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  7. Thank you for letting us know. I hate that the weather isn’t cooperating. I hope that you guys can schedule another Star Wars game. I for one would love to come out for the children.

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