Crossroads Cinema – Return of the Jedi

Camp North End
300 Camp Road
Charlotte, NC 28206

5 thoughts on “Crossroads Cinema – Return of the Jedi

  1. I’ll come with my tie pilot

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    1. You can sign up right here with your costume

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  2. Hey Yall, I am going to reach out and see what the plan for the event is with the inclement weather coming in. Will update with any responses.

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    1. I haven’t heard back, but looks like the storm will be out of the way and the weather will be clear!

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  3. 501st Meeting Location: 1725 Statesville Ave, Charlotte, NC 28206

    That’s a gas station right across from it you will see a big parking lot and a sign that says Camp North End. We will park under the overhand and go through the big red doors into the ford building.

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