Brick Convention

Greenville Shrine Club & Event Center
119 Beverly Road
Greenville, SC 29609

4 thoughts on “Brick Convention

  1. I think I had RSVP’d for this on the old website because I will be back at school

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  2. List from old website:

    Members Attending:
    1. Matthew Cohen- Tanker
    2. Ashley Cohen- Princess Leia or Crimson Trooper
    3. Alex Arritt- TBD
    4. Don sanders – tbd
    5. Donna sanders- tbd
    6. Jordan Leitner- Stormtrooper
    7. Eric Swenson – 23454 – TBD
    8. Alex Shriver- Jedi
    9. Winston Lott- x wing pilot

    1. Kerry Leitner
    2.Kim Shriver

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  3. Hey @mcohen10835 are we being provided tickets? Or are we required to purchase them beforehand?

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  4. I just got approved for stormtrooper, so I’m going to be wearing that instead of AT-ST Driver!

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