2024 Myrtle Beach Polar Plunge

9550 Shore Dr
9550 Shore Drive
Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

9 thoughts on “2024 Myrtle Beach Polar Plunge

  1. I will be trooping and plunging

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  2. Likely trooping and plunging. Christine will be a handler.

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  3. Are we plunging in costume?

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    1. We plunge in buckets – #FreezingOurBucketsOff

      If you wish to plunge don’t forget to signup
      and join the team.

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  4. If Woj. can’t make it with Vader I can.

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    1. I’ll switch to TD ANH Sandtrooper – The more members we have representing the better.

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  5. So we’re running into the water?

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    1. If you wish to plunge, register and sign up on our team page – https://www.classy.org/team/540058 (clicking the “Join Team” button will get you started!)

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  6. Hey there everyone! So a while ago Eric Spears created a Facebook group so everyone can be updated on all 501st/RL/Mercs events happening in the Carolinas!
    While I won’t be able to attend because of distance, I’ve gone ahead and made an event listing for this Troop if people want to join it!

    Let me know if it doesn’t work since the group is private and this is a new thing we are trying out!
    @wojo117 I can also make you the “host” of the event since you will be POC Day off

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