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      Hello all,

      My big concern about squads are big regional troops like Carolina Hurricanes. I saw where some of the pro-squad folks said, “if you have a named character, just talk to each other and share the troop.” At a con that is one thing, at the Hurricanes Game, its another.

      I’d hate to see the day when squads dictated which character trooper would be at their local events, like a Raleigh Squad Vader would always be at the Hurricanes Game, and any other Vader in the Garrison wouldn’t have a chance. That doesn’t seem quite right. That is my only guff with squads. Can anyone put me at ease?

      We already have an informal “squad” down here in Wilmington, and our own facebook group messager too, but its been informal. I think its worthy of further discussion with the membership before we charge right on in, and figure it out later. Thats my 2C. :stormtrooper:


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      Hey there Tom!
      I think there’s been a misunderstanding.
      From what I understand, anyone in the garrison or another squad can still troop in other squads “territory” as sign ups should be open to the whole garrison just as they are now.
      Because those that don’t decide to join a squad, how will they get troops in if they can’t sign up for “squad only” events even if they live in that territory?

      Only thing I could see actually being “squad only” is maybe like a holiday party at someone’s house, but that’s not a troop and probably wouldn’t be super heavily enforced of being “squad only” depending on the host. But that’s besides the point.

      So your example of the Carolina Hurricanes game and it having a face character, in this case a Vader, should be first come first serve like events now. So a Vader from Greenville or a Vader from Charleston would have just as much a chance to sign up on the forums as anyone else, just depends on who gets to it first. They shouldn’t get turned away just because they live elsewhere in the garrison.

      Now the thing you said about “if you have a named character, just talk to each other and share the troop.”

      I don’t remember reading that anywhere on the Facebook group about it relating to squads, but from what I’ve been told, that’s something that has always been the case as just a common curtesy, specifically for cons and long events.

      If you have a con 9am-6pm, there’s no way that anyone will stay in costume that entire time. That would be absolutely draining.
      So ideally if you have two people with the same face/hero character, lets use Vader as an example again. You’d work it out with the person to tag team! Maybe do it in two hour shifts and switch throughout the day. Or one person takes the morning time and the other takes the rest of the afternoon. Maybe the person out of costume uses the time to man the table, handle/take peoples pictures, walk around the con, or eat lunch and recharge.
      If there is issues of people not sharing, then in my opinion, that should be brought up with staff to mediate the situation.
      I also thought there was a written rule about this in a Legion document but couldn’t find it :wacko:

      We’ve also kind of had an informal “squad” here in Greenville area and now there’s been a push to make it more official and organized.
      Specifically more so with the organization so that we can have clear communication and preparation to show up to these events in full force!
      We’ve seen what other garrisons and squads have been doing with their setups and events and want to be the best we can be!

      If anything I’ve said has been incorrect though, and someone has a more accurate understanding or information, please correct me!
      This is just how I understand it.
      I think squads has a potential to be a dividing thing if done incorrectly, but I’m hopefully optimistic that they will be a unifying thing!

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      Megtooth Sith 74759
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      I appreciate the answer. We have had an informal squad here in Wilmington “Port Cities Patrol” since I joined the 501st in 2017. We have a fb message group that I’m on. I just was a little concerned about the squads having more authority to staff named characters at troops in their area.

      I feel a little bit better about your answer, and I think I understand why our Garrison is going in this direction, but I thought we jumped into this quickly. I know there was a push for squads a few years ago that died down. I troop in North and South Carolina, because I live near Myrtle Beach. I consider many of the Myrtle Beach Troopers my local bretheren as well as Jacksonville, Greenville, New Bern, Morehead City, Carteret, Outer Banks.

      We have always welcomed troopers from all over NC/SC, no matter what part of the Garrison they called home, and I sure hope that sentiment of comradery continues when these squads develop. It seems that you believe it will, and I hope that you are right.

      Tom :stormtrooper:

      check out my youtube page: www.youtube.com/megtoothsithsabers

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        I love the name “Port Cities Patrol”! :-) Now I’m kind of hoping ya’ll will call the official squad that ;-)

        And likewise, I’ve also felt that the events on the costal cities or upper NC areas were open to me and other members!
        Its just the physical boundary of a large land mass in the way that’s keeping me back XD
        From me to the coast would probably be a 3-4 hour drive, which is a lot for me. Especially if the event is in the early morning or late evening. But one of these days I’ll get out there for one!

        But I see pictures and events of what ya’ll do and it’s great work!

        I can understand thinking we might have jumped of jumped into it quickly, it honestly did come as a bit of a fast surprise to me as well. But it is what it is!

        "Believe in yourself or no one else will" -Star Wars the Clone Wars: Season 2 Episode 5: Landing at Point Rain

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      I was the Hudson Valley Squad leader for a number of years when I was with the Empire City Garrison.

      What I learned was:
      -The squad brought more unity to the area amongst the members in the area.
      -As the event coordinator, I knew the area and took some of the work off of the Garrison Event coordinator’s plate.
      -I became good friends with a lot of people in the community since I was their point of contact for their yearly events.
      -We had our own patches and t-shirts!
      -I also maintained my own supplies for events. Table runners, Banners, etc…
      -No issues with characters. Anyone could sign up. I would run the yearly event at the local baseball stadium with about 20-30 characters. I loved it when I had multiple Vaders. I would create costume teams A, B, and C. Since the event was in August, I would set up four tents and rotate the costumed teams out. This way, I always had a Vader out, and the person under the mask was not passing out from the heat. We also would have a table display and TK’s throughout the park guarding exits, etc… We raised a good amount for charity.


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