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I appreciate the answer. We have had an informal squad here in Wilmington “Port Cities Patrol” since I joined the 501st in 2017. We have a fb message group that I’m on. I just was a little concerned about the squads having more authority to staff named characters at troops in their area.

I feel a little bit better about your answer, and I think I understand why our Garrison is going in this direction, but I thought we jumped into this quickly. I know there was a push for squads a few years ago that died down. I troop in North and South Carolina, because I live near Myrtle Beach. I consider many of the Myrtle Beach Troopers my local bretheren as well as Jacksonville, Greenville, New Bern, Morehead City, Carteret, Outer Banks.

We have always welcomed troopers from all over NC/SC, no matter what part of the Garrison they called home, and I sure hope that sentiment of comradery continues when these squads develop. It seems that you believe it will, and I hope that you are right.

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