Aug 1 – Charleston Children’s Museum

This was my 4th trip to the Children’s Museum for Star Wars. I picked up Taylor Seay on the way there, but his flight suit was misplaced, so he didn’t get suited up until later (when my camera battery was dead). As usual, the kids had Star Wars related activities and games all week with us showing up as a special surprise for Q/A and photoshoot on Friday. Since I was the only one suited up, I pulled out my big gun and Taylor passed out the repainted Hasbro blasters I brought for the kids to hold in photos. Other times we’ve done this event, the younger kids get the classroom 10-11am with us and the older kids get 11-noon. This time there were less in the older group, so they all just combined for one longer photoshoot and our “parade” (following me thru the rest of the museum which is open to the public).

The Day Camp group had some more activities and ate lunch in the classroom while Taylor got suited up and we went around to the main entrance of the museum to take pictures and play with everyone else who wasn’t part of the day camp. At 12:15 parents came to pick up the day camp kids and we stood on the sidewalk so parents could get their own pictures of us, even though the hired photographer had already made prints of each child’s picture with me from earlier. Those looked really good. I wish I’d seen the printer she used.

They thanked us over and over for being there and I’m sure we’ll be invited back next time. I also made sure to mention as often as possible that they can see more troopers and R2-D2 at the Charleston County Public Library downtown for Star Wars Reads Day on the first Saturday in October.

Troopers in Attendance:
Chris Gould
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