OCPL Comic Book Fest 2024

58 E Doris Ave
58 East Doris Avenue
Jacksonville, NC 28540

6 thoughts on “OCPL Comic Book Fest 2024

  1. Anyone want to be a POC for this?
    Also, the event requester provided a form for each person to fill out. Please complete and submit back to them.

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  2. Where can we find these forms for the event?

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  3. I can be the POC

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  4. I’ll most likely be using my newly approved Darth Revan costume. :bikerscout:

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  5. The form is filled out. Don’t break anything, they may go after my house if you do lol

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  6. Parking will be next door at the Good News Ministries Church, 102 E Doris Ave, Jacksonville, NC 28540

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