Hickory Crawdads Star Wars Night 2024

LFL Approved Event

Registration Deadline: May 17, 2024
2500 Clement Blvd NW
2500 Clement Boulevard Northwest
Hickory, NC 28601

6 thoughts on “Hickory Crawdads Star Wars Night 2024

  1. I’ll take POC

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    1. I’ll update when I get home tonight. Thanks

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  2. Gentle reminder… there is 1 day before registration closes and only 4 of 5 spots have been confirmed. If you are listed as interested but want to go, please make sure to update your status by tomorrow.

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  3. Thanks for signing up. Registration is now closed. The following were confirmed to be going and the names have been sent.
    Ramon Santiago – 501st – 12219 Rebel Legion BRB Mando Mercs – DZ- Tusken Raider
    C Plank – 501st Carolina Garrison – TI-92218 Rebel Legion – Blue Ridge Base – Generic Jedi – TI – TIE Pilot: Reserve Pilot
    Jim Ryan – 501st-TK-86350 – Stormtrooper, ANH stunt

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  4. From the Crawdads Marketing Department….

    We will have you in our conference room as a break/changing area. Our main gates will open at 6pm (game is at 7pm) so everyone is welcome to arrive to get ready accordingly. People can enter through the main gates and then walk down to the right past the café area to the front office and enter through the green door. The conference room will be straight ahead.

    When entering the parking lot, members can let the parking attendants know they are there for the Star Wars night and they will get waved through and not have to pay for parking.

    Typically, the groups just roam the concourse and interact with fans and it goes over great!

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  5. So plan to meet at gate around 500-515pm and we can then go to the conference room and change up. I’ll bring some water, as last year we had water from water cooler, but no cups. Then we’ll be set to go around 6pm and can go and walk around.

    If you need anything, please call 704-685-2411. Thanks and looking forward to seeing you there.

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