Columbia Fireflies Star Wars Night

LFL Approved Event

Registration Deadline: April 26, 2024
1640 Freed St
1640 Freed Street
Columbia, SC 29201

5 thoughts on “Columbia Fireflies Star Wars Night

  1. I could bring R2 and wear X-Wing. I know neither of those are 501st but this is the only group I belong to! LOL

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    1. @fryguy, since this is an LFL event all costumes have to be Legion approved costumes. If you are not a member of the Rebel Legion that would indicate that your X-Wing costume is not an approved costume, therefore, you should not wear it to an LFL event. You are fine to sign up here to bring your R2 unit, but if your X-wing pilot is not approved through Rebel Legion, I would recommend not wearing it so that we can avoid any issues with LFL. Thank you.

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    2. Oh true…true!

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  2. Tickets for the fireflies are in the email from the organizers below:

    Thank you for Purchasing Tickets from Columbia Fireflies.
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    Bill To: Juli Spata

    Delivery Method: Box Office T@H
    Reservation Number: CFFV – 3686430 – 33919540

    The tickets you have purchased are:

    Columbia Fireflies vs Salem Red Sox
    Segra Park
    Columbia, SC
    Saturday 05/11/24 at 6:05PM EDT
    Concourse Pass

    Section Row Seat Price
    CPASS CP 5 $0.00
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    Columbia Fireflies
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  3. Parking passes and parking map can be accessed here:

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