Charlotte Knights Star Wars Night

LFL Approved Event

Registration Deadline: April 13, 2024
324 S Mint St
324 South Mint Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

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  2. Good Morning Star Wars Costumers,

    We are so excited to have all your groups attending our Star Wars Night on May 4th. I wanted to provide you with more information for this event and get some final details squared away.


    This event is our Star Wars themed Game on May 4th at 6:05PM. The gates will open at 5PM. We would like you to arrive between 4:00-4:20PM. I will send tickets in a separate email to each group to disperse internally among your members attending.

    Upon arrival, you will come in through our front office doors which are located to the left of the box office by the main gate. To enter, you will ring the bell and our front desk receptionist will let you in and lead you to the dressing room.

    Around 4:55PM, I will lead you all out onto the concourse. Since there is so many of you, we will split you all up to different areas of the concourse and then have you reconvene once the game begins, and people are settled in their seats.

    We ask that you stay till 7PM-7:30PM. If you would like to watch the game after feel free.


    We will have a dressing room available in our conference room. You are welcome to change and store items in there while on the concourse. This area is not accessible to fans and next to our front desk receptionist who will not let anyone enter who isn’t apart of your organization.

    If we find that we need more space, we will accommodate accordingly.


    Along with your tickets, you will receive parking passes for your members. Parking is located across the street from the ballpark at the Mint Street Parking Deck.


    From each group, I need the name of each member attending and the character they are representing.
    We would like to avoid having doubles as best we can.

    With parking, please let me know how many passes you would need if some of your members decide to carpool.

    Once I receive this info, I will proceed to send tickets and parking passes.

    Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Once again, we are so overwhelmed with the support from your groups and excited to make this the best Star Wars Night yet!

    Please join the Facebook Group chat above (if you do not have Facebook, send me a DM here with your phone number so I can send you a text).

    Thanks Team!

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    1. Thanks for posting this Omar.

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  3. I have some information regarding Star Wars Night with the weather. As of right now we are on time and on schedule to play on Saturday, May 4th. As I receive any information informing us otherwise, I will let you know. We always try to get the game in no matter what, however occasionally the weather does have other plans.

    That being said, if we do have to postpone the game or we open the gates but still end up postponing the game, we will reschedule our Star Wars Night to Saturday, May 18th. This game is a 6:05PM with gates opening at 5:00PM. We wanted to put this on your radar just in case we must move the game.

    As previously stated, we do not plan to move the game at this time. We are preparing just in case this may happen, however we are still all set for Saturday, May 4th at this time.

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  4. I just got this email from the organizer with the tickets and parking passes. Here is the link:

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  5. If you want me to forward the email to you, send me an email to

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