Charlotte FC Star Wars Night

LFL Approved Event

800 S Mint St
800 South Mint Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

9 thoughts on “Charlotte FC Star Wars Night

  1. My wife and daughter will come too and help wrangle. She might suit up too if we need more costumes.
    DS-77787 Torrey Cook
    Levi Cool – Wrangler

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  2. I will probably have my wife and possibly brother-in-law in tow to help wrangle if needed.

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    1. Stacey Sienkiewicz
      Matt Hoegemann

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  3. I have sent this information to the organizer to make sure that they are okay with it Jerry. I need email addresses for everyone so that they can send your ticket and parking passes. Please send those ASAP by either posting them here or emailing me at

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  4. Agenda and Event Details can be found here:

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  5. Brian Cook. This is the information for your tickets. Link here:

    It’s Time: Accept Your Tickets Now
    just sent you 5 Charlotte Football Club tickets.
    A message from CP – Entertainment (CLTFC):
    Tickets for 5/4
    Accept Tickets
    Accept by Sat • May 04, 2024 • 09:30 PM
    How to Accept Your Transfer
    1 On your smartphone, tap the Accept Tickets button above.
    2 Sign in to the Charlotte Football Club account using your Ticketmaster email and password, or create an account, to accept your tickets.
    3 Keep an eye out for a follow-up email with instructions on how to view and save your tickets for the big day.
    Transferred Tickets (5)
    Charlotte FC vs. Portland Timbers
    Sat • May 04, 2024 • 07:30 PM
    Bank of America Stadium Charlotte, NC
    Sec 140, Row 15, Seat 14
    Sec 140, Row 15, Seat 15
    Sec 140, Row 15, Seat 16
    Sec 140, Row 15, Seat 17
    Sec 140, Row 15, Seat 18

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  6. Mark -it looks like you removed yourself from the attendance. I have tickets for you but if you’re not going please confirm so that I can let the organizers know not to expect you

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  7. I don’t know how to change my status from interested to attending, but I got my tixx and will be ready to troop tomorrow! See everyone soon!

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    1. It’s okay Andrew. Registration is closed so you can’t sign up. I’ve sent your name to the organizers and you’re confirmed to attend.

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