Charlotte Douglas International Airport Birthday Event

Registration Deadline: April 30, 2024
5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy
5501 Josh Birmingham Parkway
Charlotte, NC 28208

6 thoughts on “Charlotte Douglas International Airport Birthday Event

  1. I would do this if it wasn’t in the middle of the work day

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  2. If I’m up for that LFL request the day before, would stay at home that night and I might be able to do this before I head back for graduation on Friday.

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  3. Cher and Jerry Vader are going and this will lock the event at 5 troopers.

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  4. Can someone update me to Going from “Interested”? I’m not seeing the button to make that adjustment please.

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    1. If you click “cancel” on your interested listing, the option then appears back to allow you to sign up as attending or interested

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      1. Thanks!

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