Brick Fan Fest

Registration Deadline: October 27, 2023
North Charleston Coliseum & Performing Arts Center
5001 Coliseum Drive
North Charleston, SC 29418

7 thoughts on “Brick Fan Fest

  1. I will attend as an HWT.

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  2. If Matt wants to be Boba, I’ll just be a scout, possibly on the bike, or mando merc, possibly on the bike ;)

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  3. If I am able to go I will be bringing R2 and TIE Pilot

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  4. Anyone want to be the POC for this event? They send me a bunch of info.
    I’ll paste it in the comments above. Make sure you review it as ticket info in included.

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  5. Any room left for sheryl and I? I’m not work the new site correctly

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    1. Never mind got it figured out. We aren’t sure now if we can go.

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  6. Guys I’m real busy this weekend. I can’t do Saturday. Is anyone confirmed for this? If we aren’t doing a table setup, and no one has contacted the organizers, we should cancel and let them know tomorrow.

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